Bachelor of Business
Whether you aim to build your career in small, medium or large enterprises, or launch a business of your own, you must learn to identify opportunities, rise to challenges and adapt to change. Our Bachelor of Business is uniquely positioned to help you do this.
Tư vấn miễn phí
Khởi đầu hành trình du học với chương trình Diploma
Hình thức học tập
Thông tin tuyển sinh
Students from the age of 16 and above; IELTS 6.0 (academic)
Học phí
Học bổng
Opportunity to receive a scholarship up to 30% with TNE Global in Vietnam.
Điều kiện nhập học
Scholarship ranging from 20% to 50% of tuition fee. Based on high school academic results and a recognized English proficiency certificate such as IELTS (Academic) or passing the entrance exam from the institution.
Cấu trúc chương trình
Candidates who choose the Accounting major and who wish to complete all units needed for Professional Body Entry will not be able to complete two majors. Candidates who choose the Analytics and Informatics major will not be able to complete two majors.Candidates may study the Analytics and Informatics major at the Armidale campus (on campus or online) under Rule (a). Study at UNE Sydney Campus is only available for full-time on campus international students admitted under rule (e), completing the Accounting, Analytics and Informatics, or Finance majors. To qualify for the award a candidate must pass units to the value of 144 credit points with not more than 60 credit points at 100-level, at least 36 credit points at 300-level and with not more than 12 credit points at 400-level.
Kết quả học tập
Trò chuyện với đội ngũ cố vấn để xây dựng lộ trình học tập cho riêng bạn